A tiny post to start your week

As I enter deeper and deeper into a ministry that God is calling me to I realize how much it’s going to cost me on many levels. This morning as I spent some time pouring my heart out to him he reminded me of a story from my childhood. I remember being a young kid at recess and going outside to realize my friends were no where to be found. Instead of being upset I would make a little fist with my hand and pretend I was holding God’s hand. I would talk out loud (and yes, looking back, I realize how socially akward that probably made me look!) to my Father and carry on with a full understanding that he was right there beside me. Perhaps as a child it was easier to do, since imaginary friends are commonplace to children. But to me, I was keenly aware that while no one else was around to keep me company that he never abandoned my side. In much the same mindset, at night after my mom and dad tucked me in I would fluff my pillow on one side and pat it gently. I would say, “here you go, God, this spot is for you”. I would fall asleep knowing he was beside me in the dark room.

Oh to have the faith of a child! My adult self needed a reminder to have that kind of faith now. When the world, your friends, your family leave you behind and walk out on you for the stand you take, close your fist and take your Father’s hand. He’s still there. When you’re alone at night and the darkness seems too dark, fluff that pillow and invite him to stay close and keep watch. No matter what persecution you are facing for your faith, your Father’s approval and relationship is the only one that really counts. He will not abandon you, my friends!




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