An Ode to My Dad- a Christmas Post for the Holidays

My Dad keeps me safe.

My Dad keeps me in line when I get unruly.

My Dad lets me sleep while he takes care of the tough stuff.

My Dad teaches me to be a better person.

My Dad can mend a broken heart just simply by being present.

Wherever I go my Dad has already been. He knows the places I can visit too, and also knows the places I need to avoid.

My Dad meets me in the most unexpected places mostly because he really gets around.

My Dad hides me away in a safe place when things get too scary.

My Dad is surprised by nothing.

My Dad desires to be with me more than anything!

My Dad always allows me to make my own choices, even though he knows my choices may hurt me more than I understand.

My Dad loves me no matter what I’ve done and who I am.

My Dad demolishes my enemies even when I haven’t noticed.

My Dad is in charge.

My Dad teaches me how to love and live.

My Dad fills my happy cup, with his love, I always have more than enough.

My Dad is the King and I am His princess.

My Dad gave me the best present for Christmas, and the ultimate sacrifice to be with me, His Son, my Saviour.

God, thanks for being my Dad!


Have a wonderful Christmas season celebrating the best gift ever given!


The Ladies at Mud and Mire




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2 Responses to An Ode to My Dad- a Christmas Post for the Holidays

  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder of my father!! Be blessed dear ones, so appreciate your writing, you are both being obedient to the call to share your lives with us and point again and again to what is true, encouraging and life giving!

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